Monday, July 19, 2010

Bill klaulitz obsession!!!?

Hey ive recentlybeen obsessed with Bill Klaulitz from the glam rock band Tokio Hotel. I dnt kno wot it is, i love his hair nd his face. Im emo nd i just absolutely love him. I asked my boyfriend to let his ahir grow long but he wont, luke

Does anyone else hate seeing the chat-like questions/answers from Callum and Kyle?


Big bang Theory help?

Did that show get canceld?
No it did not end a new season starts Thursday September 23rd at 8:00
No. There just isn



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Would you like to be buried in a Cadillac?

I would love to visit The Cadillac Ranch, where, as you know, is a collection of 10 Cadillacs buried hood-first in a wheat field near Amarillo, Texas. It is said that visitors are allowed to add graffiti to the cars, which are considered works of art. I go to Dallas often, but never made the trip to Amarillo to see The Cadillac Ranch, it is on my bucket list! I have 3 vehicles and the oldest is a 1999 Cadillac Eldorado, (my baby) I keep her in excellent shape, color is Diamond White..I can

Do you think we should be able to give some kind of negative rating to a question short of reporting it?

Like the opposite of a star. A black hole perhaps? :P
No people are sensitive babies
I think the idea is that no question is a bad question, except when it is in violation of the community guidelines.

EDIT: What I stated wasn

Watch Huge s01e04 Online Talent Night?

Do you guys know where I can watch it online ? watch it online there
You can watch online